We needed a Living Trust, and I’m so glad we went to AFM Law. Allishawas professional, well versed in the law, and focused on details. She provided quick service and precise documentation. We had been procrastinating on our estate planning needs, but it was pretty fast and straightforward once we made the first phone call!


An estate planning client

Allisha helped me administer my father’s trust. She advised concerning possible legal challenges by dissatisfied beneficiaries, wrote letters to trust beneficiaries, assisted in distributing trust assets, and explained the cost and expenses of trust administration. She was attentive, competent, and affordable.


A trust administration client

My wife is from Japan and has to travel a lot for work, so the timeline of our marriage immigration case was crucial. We had a previous attorney who didn’t explain how this process works very well, but I could feel that with Allisha, we were in expert hands from the start. We will work with her for the removal of conditions and then naturalization… highly recommended if you want someone honest, efficient, and easy to talk to!


An immigration client

Our company was looking to open a subsidiary in the United States, and Ms. Marotz guided us through every step, from company creation to obtain an E2 visa. Ms. Marotz was highly knowledgeable and responsive. Our visa file was so complete and well organized that on the day of my interview, the immigration officer only talked to me for a few minutes before granting my visa for 5 years (the maximum period allowed for an E2 visa). I highly recommend Ms. Marotz’s services to any foreign entrepreneur looking to set up a business in the United States.


An immigration client