Administrator/Senior Paralegal


Born and raised in Kumamoto, Japan, and educated in the United States, Shoko is fluent in Japanese and English. After attending Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, she earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a Master of Business Administration from Louisiana State University.

Shoko has worked for law firms and courts, including District Court, Circuit Court, and Family Court, and has an extensive legal background in different areas of law. She is licensed in Property & Casualty and Life & Health insurance and is also experienced in law firm management.

Shoko joined the firm to incorporate her legal experience and business knowledge to help create an efficient, effective law firm ready to assist with clients’ various legal needs while providing a great working environment for the employees. As a working professional and a single mother, she understands the difficulties of maneuvering through life with limited resources. She firmly believes “It takes a village to raise a child” and strives to become a valuable resource for each client at the firm.